Cedar Planked Hickory Balsamic Mustard Glazed Salmon

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Soak planks in water or apple cider for 1-2 hours.

Combine mustard and Hickory Barbeque Riserva Balsamic Vinegar in a bowl and set aside.

To prepare salmon, rub with seasoning, and top with mustard balsamic mixture. I like a thick coating….it adds more flavor.  At this point you can put salmon back in the refrigerator if you’re not ready to  grill immediately.

Heat grill to 350 degrees. Place planks on grill and allow to preheat for about 5-10minutes. Place salmon skin side down on planks. Allow to cook for about 12-15 minutes depending on thickness.

May be served right on the plank.

An Olive Tap original recipe by Melanie, Long Grove